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Jamie Parker
  • Community Events

    Paintball Battle!!

    Atlanta Korean Language Meetup Group

    안녕하새요 친구들!!! Hello All!!!   Let's put on our war paint, strap on our boots, and pick up our paintball guns!! We'll separate into teams (Boys v. Girls, Intermediate v. Beginner, Coca Cola vs. Pepsi, Orange v. Purple; anything we...

    Building a Bullet Proof Hiring Process

    Suburban Entrepreneur and Technology Meetup

    Hiring presents all kinds of time consuming hurdles including finding candidates, pruning the applicants, interviewing and finally making the offer. In this presentation, we are going to present a bullet proof hiring process with tips and tricks...

    Yellow River

    The Hiking League

    About This Trail:This is a heavily-wooded trail along the Yellow River, just minutes from Stone Mountain. There are miles of trails there, but little elevation gain, so the hike is rated as easy. Notes:Distance = Eight miles Time: Budget 2 1/2...

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    Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

    As part of the “fiscal cliff” vote, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act is being extended. What this simply means is that when a struggling homeowner sells their home for $75,000 and they owe $150,000, they are not taxed on the $75,000 that the bank had to write off. This is good news for homeowners that are […]

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    What kind of market are we in?

    How is the market I am often asked. My response is awesome and amazing. If you are a buyer, you can take advantage of record low rates and housing prices that have nearly or have bottomed out. If you are a seller, you can count on multiple offers on most properties. More than half the […]

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